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Rose Absolute Pure Essential Oil - 5ml

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The rose is one of the world's favorite flowers, and is used to symbolize life, love, and death, happiness, and sorrow. Our rose absolute is extracted from the petals of the rosa damascena, grown in Bulgaria.

Common Uses:
Rose absolute can relax and soothe stressed nerves, and is great for balancing mixed skin types. Diffuse a very small amount for relaxation, or apply in extremely small dilution.

Fun Fact:
It takes almost 10 pounds of rose petals to produce 1 gram of rose absolute.

Aromatic Scent:
Rose Damask Absolute has a very complex, sweet floral scent. Its reputation of being a must ingredient in perfumes is well deserved.

It is important to note that all absolutes are extremely concentrated by nature. They should not be evaluated in this state unless you are accustomed to the undiluted fragrance. For those trying Absolutes for the first time, we strongly recommend they be evaluated in dilution. Otherwise, the complexity of the fragrance becomes lost.





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